Bear Eats Woman’s Kayak Stranding Her [Video]

“Bear.. Why are you eating my kayak!” she pleads.

A kayaker had the misfortune to come across a bear on her solo trip from Ketchikan Alaska to Petersburg Alaska. The incident occurs outside of her cabin.

She explained that she  just carried her tent and other gear to the cabin to dry and planned to take  a 4 mile hike  after lunch. While eating she heard noises…. it was a bear apparently checking out her kayak which she had not brought up to the cabin as of yet.

Well as the story goes, and you can see in the video, she pleads with the bear asking him to stop. I don’t think a bear understands english though… especially a wild one.  Anyway,  he pauses a bit and begins to approach her as she pleads with him.  She even had to  pepper-spray the bear which made him turn around and eat more of the kayak.

Watch this story unfold in the video below.

Why would a bear even bother with a plastic kayak though?

She does eventually swim to one of the boats on the lake for help and was taken to Wrangell. She took a ferry on the final leg of the trip  home to Ketchikan.


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