Escaping Quicksand? [videos]

As kayaks we spend lot of time out on the water. However, we also spend a decent amount of time near the water’s edge.

Although rare, there is the possibility that you will encounter quicksand around water’s edge. Quciksand is a mixture of sand/soil and water where the sand/soil is highly saturated in water to the extent that it no longer supports your weight. Upon stepping into it you begin to sink.

Ok, so what do you do if you find yourself in this mess. Well, as you will see in the following videos below, it is suggested that you yell for help, do not panic and lay flat as if to float to slow your descent. One of the videos also suggested attempting to stabilize yourself while lifting your legs towards your chest and crawling out. I guess what you do depends upon the type of quicksand and where it is. Hopefully you will  never have to deal with this situation, but watch the following videos for insights just in case.

Jonny Phillips demonstrates the facts about quicksand in the video below

Image Source: YouTube Clips

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