Kayak Camping – What To Bring And How To Pack It

Both Camping and kayaking are fun. Why not combine the two and go kayak camping.

As with packing for any other trip or excursion a bit of planning is required. The two primary questions for kayak campers to answer are what to bring and how to carry it.

Camping by kayak requires that you bring equipment such as tents, chairs and cooking apparatuses as well as clothing and food. If that sounds like a lot, then consider that it must all fit in and be secured watertight in your kayak.

In the following video clip Kelly and Cody explain what to bring and how pack your kayak for a camping trip.

Watch how easy they make packing for a kayak trip look so easy in the clip below.

“How to Plan a Kayak Camping Trip | What You Need and How to Pack” – YouTube video by DOME LIFE

Hopefully this post helps you plan what to take on your first/next trip by kayak more efficiently.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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