Transparent Kayak – A 36 Hour Survival Challenge

Awesome challenge. Survive (live, eat and sleep) in a transparent kayak for 36 hours in transit to a remote set of islands. This challenge proves to be an awesome experience with lots of diving and marine life interaction along the way.

Transparent kayaks takes the kayaking experience to another level. While they are used mostly for recreational kayaking(sightseeing) in tropical and clear waters, the YBS Youngbloods team takes it to another level.

Their 36 hour transparent kayak challenge takes them from a beautiful coastline and lagoon out into open waters to a set of islands. The challenge is to live sleep and eat in the kayak for 36 hours straight.

The challenge itself can seem a bit boring. However, the whole challenge takes on its awesomeness when you add in the side-adventures that happened along the way ( spearfishing and diving) with friendly marine life interactions.

Watch this challenge In the clip below and lets us know if you agree about how awesome this challenge was.

“I Survived 36 Hours In A Transparent Kayak” – YouTube video by YBS Youngbloods

Unfortunately the location where this challenge took place isn’t specified, but it sure looks amazing.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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