Do You Know The Rules Of Sea Kayaking?

Like Every other sport, Sea kayaking has rules which must be followed to enjoy the sport as well as for your safety.

Eric Soares, in his article posted on, lists 10 rules as commandments to be followed by sea kayakers.

This article does a great job at laying the rules out in an amusing and intriguing way.  Although many of the rules, ” Commandments”, as he calls them may seem generic they provide really good advice that can often get overlooked.


He points out, with great explanation, things like giving the sea reverence, finding a seaworthy boat that is right for you, the use of the proper protective gear, the need to learn all paddling techniques and at least 5 other areas of concern.



Read on for more form the article below.

1-Thou shalt not turn thy back on the sea.

Give the sea the reverence it is due. Make the sea a lifelong study, so you understand it well. From afar and near scout the sea to discover what is happening that day. Assess your capabilities as they relate to the observed sea conditions.  Learn to navigate at sea and respect the creatures that dwell in the sea.

2-Thou shalt paddle a seaworthy boat.

Paddle many kayaks until you find or build the one that is best for you. It may be that you need a different boat on a different day. Appreciate all boats, for each has its strengths and weaknesses.  And try many paddles until you find or build one that works for you.  Your paddle and boat are your best friends on the water.

3-Thou shalt wear protective gear.

Humans are not sea creatures and need to be protected when exposed to water, air and sun. Wear apparel that will keep you warm and safe in the water.  If paddling in surf and rocks, don helmets and consider padding your body with armor.

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