Kayakers Get Birds-Eye View at US Open

These kayakers had the best/only “seats” in the house at the US Womens Open.

If you watched the US Women’s open this week you probably noticed the kayakers on the Conestoga Creek that flows through the no.7 fairway between holes 3,4,5,6 and the tee box. on the other side of the course.

Well it turns out, the Lancaster Country Club where teh event took place has no authority over the creek which is defined as a public thoroughfare. Therefor our kayaker friends got to watch the US Open for free from the best viewing areas on the course. Nice!

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Folks on the water are allowed to float on the creek while observing the action up close because Lancaster Country Club has no jurisdiction over the creek — it’s defined as a public thoroughfare, according to a USGA medial official.

As a result, people in canoes and kayaks have been allowed to watch the Open free of charge from one of the best — and perhaps most unique — viewing areas of the whole course. It’s something usually only seen at Major League Baseball games in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, where fans hang out on boats, canoes and kayaks, some hoping to shag a home run ball.

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