Upgrade To A Poweryak? [Video]

Unbelievable adaptation of an outboard motor to a kayak.

At first it was inconceivable to even imagine an outboard motor affixed to a kayak.  The video below depicts a test run of two Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayaks geared up with a 2.5hp Nissan outboard and another with a 3.3 Mercury outboard motor.

Outboard Kayaks

These outboard motors were attached with motor mounts and controlled via throttle controls and a steering bar. As seen in the video this set-up worked very well.

Outboard Kayak Underway

The kayaks were propelled with ease and took on the semblance of speed boats.  Although they appeared to handle well, I could only imagine that the operators had to be great kayakers to handle balancing, or should i say,  controlling the trim of the kayaks as they powered through the water.


Watch  a video clip of these poweryaks in action


Watch these powered kayaks fly through the water in teh video below.


Images source: YouTube Clips




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